All our knowledge and expertise, supporting your hotel business on a path to growth.

Hospitality is our calling; the direct management of accommodation businesses is our mission. We're the strategic partner for all hotels seeking to adapt to the constant changes in our market scenario by improving their management and increasing their sales. We run your hotel using a management plan that protects and enhances your hotel's excellence, creating new business opportunities while preserving its distinctive values, authenticity, and connection with the local area.


We take great care in choosing the hotels of the Phi Group, looking for specific features: location, services, and growth potential.


Based on a careful, critical analysis of performance indicators, we plan a strategic pathway customised to achieve your business goals.


We step into the management of the hotel, developing and adding the latest tools to improve and monitor your economic and operational performance.

Phi Hotels: Helping you grow and add value

PHI Hotels, a Xenia S.p.A. SB brand, serves hotel businesses interested in helping their hotel grow and adding to its value: we support hotels and accommodation facilities of all types and sizes in correctly applying revenue management techniques, controlling management, training staff, utilising web marketing strategies, and implementing the most suitable technological tools.